Car Show - DO NOT TOUCH - Magnetic Signs

 There's nothing worse than spending your time an money carefully detailing your baby, only to have some goober lean all over your car, or have his brat kid get his sticky hand prints all over it!

These magnets are the size of standard business cards, printed on durable vinyl, and are a definate attention getter. At only $2.00 each, you can keep a few in your glove box, and slap 'em on at a car show or weekly cruise in!

American Dream

You can't go wrong with the good 'ol Stars and Stripes!   This sign looks just as good on a classic Model A as it does on a Hemi Cuda.

Unless you are naked... Don't lean on my car!

These signs are guaranted to catch the eye!

Children that touch cars... Will be dealt with accordingly.

For everyone that hates those  little kids with their dirty hands.

Ricer Kill

Tired of those "tuner" punks with their front wheel drive lawn motor engines that sound like their rubber band is wound too tight, and coffee can sized tailpipes?
Every time you blow away one of these Ricers at a light, slap on another "Ricer Kill" flag, just like the legendary Black Sheep Squadron of WWII.

 Don't see what you are looking for? Drop us a note, and we can have it made for you.