Do you have a Personalized, Authentic Vintage, Historical or Novelty License Plate? If so, you have made an investment in a special plate and you need to protect it.

License plate screws, frames, and so-called protectors actually damage your license plate. The constant vibration and dirt damages your plate's finish, which leads to rust. The blue plate shown on the right was damaged by a clear acrylic cover.

Rubber Nickels™ can be used with or without a frame
(Screws and frame not included)

You've probably heard the expression, "Don't take any wooden nickels," but Frey Innovations, LLC is pleased to introduce the Rubber Nickel™, the only true plate protector on the market!

Named because of it's similarity in size to a common American nickel, the Rubber Nickel™ is made from automotive tire rubber, for years of lasting service.

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The Rubber Nickel™ is easy to install. Simply place the Rubber Nickel™ between your license plate and the frame or screw. You can even use a second set of Rubber Nickels™ on the back side of the license plate to protect it from damage from rubbing against your car's bumper.

Order your Rubber Nickels™ today!

Set of four (4) Rubber Nickels™ - $2.00

Rubber Nickel is a Trademark of Frey Innovations, LLC
US Patent Pending