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Frey PVC Lawn Refuse Bag Holder

Many communities require homeowners to place their lawn refuse (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) in recyclable paper bags.

These bags, while better for the environment than plastic bags, pose several challenges to the consumer:

  1. Too tall to be self supporting
  2. Difficult for one person to transfer yard waste into bag without assistance
  3. Bag collapses

Several companies have attempted to develop products to deal with these issues, but each have their limitations:

Lawn Funnel

Requires large volume of storage space in your yard, garage or shed.

Magic Ring

Does not provide support for emptying lawn mower catchers. Does not hold bag shape.

Big Mouth Holder

No support for catchers and easily bent out of shape.

Frey Innovations, LLC. has engineered a solution that not only exceeds all the technical capabilities of other commercially available products, but is extremely affordable, and easy to use:
  1. Self-standing, one person can use
  2. Holds bag shape for ease of loading
  3. Provides support for resting lawn mower bag on edge
  4. Easily removable after filling bag
  5. Dissassembles for compact storage

By using common PVC pipe and fittings available from any hardware store or home center, you can construct your own Lawn Refuse Bag Holder for less than $5.00.

Purchase your plans and start making several for your home, garage and place of business:

  • Lawn Refuse
  • Recyclables / Returnables
  • On-the-spot trash receptacles (eliminates need for expensive trash containers
Order your plans today and receive a complete parts list, plans and instructions in .PDF format sent to your email within 24 hours!
$3.99 Plans Only

Don't have access to a good hardware store or tools? Maybe you've got two left thumbs?

No problem. Order a complete Frey PVC Lawn Refuse Bag Holder. We will shop for the parts for you, do all the cutting and gluing, and all you have to do is snap it together!

$14.95 (+ Shipping and Handling) Complete Holder